History of SICE, Chennai

With increase industrialization under the five year plan the demand for the services of persons with specified skills in commercial subjects has increased. To meet the demand, the government sought to increase the facilities for educating and training young men and women in commercial subjects. An all India Council of technical education was set up by the government of India for the promotion and coordination of technical education. This council established the all India boards of technical studies for various technical subjects.

Under the chairmanship of Dr.V.K.R.V.Rao a committee was appointed to study the position of commerce education in India in all its aspects and to suggest measures for its reorganization and improvement the committee recommended the formulation of the diploma course in commercial practice to supplant the then existing diploma and certificate courses in the state.

A special committee was set up by the All India Board of Technical Studies in Commerce to draw up a scheme for the diploma in commercial practice. The syllabus prepared by it was approved by the Government of Tamilnadu and this institute was established under G.O. MS.NO.1727 Education, dated the 18th September 1965. It came into being in October 1965 with an intake of 30 students. Women candidates are also admitted to the DCP course since 1984-85. The permitted intake now is 75.

AICTE in the letter No.F NO.P-32/2002/7127 DT.2-7-2002 approved a Diploma in Modern Office Practice with an intake of 75 instead of diploma in commercial practice with same syllabus with Three years period of duration.

Conduct of Board Examinations for Diploma

Examination Time Table, Examination Fee Details are furnished in DOTE website (www.tndte.com). Examination applications along with exam fee are submitted to Principal of the Institute in which the student is studying / studied. Flying Squads constituted by the Chairman, Board of Examinations, inspect the institutions at the time of examinations and ensure that examinations are conducted in a fair manner without any lapse. Students involved in malpractices in the examination centers are given fair chances to defend themselves during enquiry and then their examinations results / punishments are published. Answer papers are valued at valuation centers after assigning Dummy Numbers. Internal marks, Practical marks and central valuation marks are received through online portal. Board Examination Results are published in DOTE website (www.tndte.com). The Diploma Certificates and Mark Sheets will be sent from DOTE to the Polytechnic Colleges concerned after the publication of results for issuing the same to students.

List of Successors of Principal

1Thiru S.Velayutham, M.A.,B.Com.,(Hons.)(London) Special Officer 1965 1971
2Thiru G.Sethuram, M.A., Special Officer (i/c) 1971 1972
3Thiru Y.P.Ramachandran, M.Com.,L.L.B., Principal 1972 1979
4Thirumathi S.Sundari Vellayan, B.E.,A.M.I.E., Principal 1979 1980
5Thiru N.Gopalakrishnan, M.Com., B.G.L., Principal 1980 1981
6Thiru Y.P.Ramachandran, M.Com.,L.L.B., Principal 1981 1984
7Thiru N.Gopalakrishnan, M.Com., M.I.S.T.E., B.G.L., Principal 1984 2000
8Selvi K.S.Babai, B.Sc., B.E.,MS.,F.I.E., M.I.S.T.E., Principal (AC) 2000 2002
9Thiru A.Mayuranathan, M.Com., B.G.L., Principal (i/c) 2002 2004
10Thirumathi C.Premarajavalli Cathelene, M.E. Principal (A/C) 2004 2004
11Thiru R.D.Nithya Sukumaran, M.Com., B.L., Principal (i/c) 2004 2007
12Thiru V.Kamalakannan, M.Teh., M.B.A.,Principal (i/c) 2007 2008
13Thiru S.Sundararaaju, M.Com., M.Phil.,Principal (i/c) 2009 2009
14Thiru C.Natarajan, M.Com.,Principal (i/c) 2009 2012
15Thiru A.Boomi, M.Com., B.L.,B.Ed.,P.G.D.C.A.,Principal (A/C) 2012 2014
16Thiru K.Gopal,M.Com., M.Phil., M.I.S.T.E.,Principal (i/c) 2014 2016
17S.Syed sulthan M.Com.,Principal (i/c) 2016 2019
18Thiru. K.RAVINDRAN, M.Com.,Principal (i/c) 2019 Till Date